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Boomi Co-Op is a not for profit organisation

Boomi is not what it seems and it’s partly because of you!
In the first half of the twentieth century Boomi was a thriving community with many small businesses and a population employed in the wool industry at a time when sheep farms employed large staff with little mechanisation.
With the decline of the wool industry and the trend to wheat farming with large tractors, Boomi slowly began to lose people to the larger centres on the coast. From a town of 2 pubs, 2 butcher shops, 3 stores, a bakery and many other businesses, Boomi was down to a post office, a pub, a store and a primary school by the Year 2000.

In 2007 we had lost our store, our post office and our fuel stop.
We decided we had to do something.
Our biggest asset was our Hot Artesian Spa Baths and our enthusiasm.

So Boomi formed the Boomi Community Co-op, a not for profit co-operative with 110 members!
Our first aims were to provide a store and a fuel stop and the employment that goes with them.
And we need outside sources of income.
If we can attract travellers to our Hot Artesian Spa then they can help us keep this community vibrant.
With the aid of many people and the assistance of the Moree Plains Shire Council the Co-Op shop was opened on Feb 29th 2008 in the Pool complex building.

BATS ( our then annual musical) had been raising funds for local organisations and sporting bodies since 1991 and funds from this now biennial event have been a constant support to the co-op. BATS has grown to the point where the 2014 tickets (1200 seats)were sold out in 2 hours! Some of our travellers even time their stays to be here when BATS is on.

The diesel fuel stop and the caravan park quickly followed, with a new ablution block for the van park built in 2011. A Federal Government grant (a result of the GFC), FRRR (Foundation For Rural and Regional Renewal) and the Moree Plains Shire were huge contributors to the Caravan park.
More recently Monsanto Corporation and BATS has helped fund our latest initiative, a 14KW solar system to be opened on 6th May 2015.
The contributors to our little town that have really touched us are the travellers who have given time and expertise to our community.
The current drought and lack of irrigation water for cotton farms in our area has led to a very quiet time for our Co-op Shop and we really value the input of travellers to our little community.
It has been interesting to watch locals and travellers interact over the last few years.
It’s good for both of us.