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KUNOPIA – BOOMI by Harry Adams: pictured at right.

From about the 1860’s a little settlement started to form on the southern side of the Boomi river and became known as “Kunopia”. This is very low country but had to be there as this was the only water.
The highest flood under white settlement came in 1890. This caused all the residents to move to the high ridge at Boomi. Because there was no water on the ridge at Boomi, the people had to move back to Kunopia.
Between 1897 and 1901, the bore was sunk at Boomi. This bore was sunk to a depth of 5,008feet to produce 750,000 gallons of clean water every 24 hours.
With this assured water, Boomi became the main town and Kunopia slowly ceased to be.
With assured water from the bore, 112 miles of bore drain was trenched from the bore. This is when the large stations of the district were surveyed into 4 to 6 thousand acre blocks and balloted to new owners.
With all this development, Boomi thrived, both town and district.
The oldest building around Boomi is the slaughter house 1897 era.
The School 1901
The pioneer hotel 1899
The Royal Hotel 1908 Burnt down 1915
The Post Office 1900
Church of England 1905
Catholic Church 1912
Presbyterian Church 1929
Hall 1920
Store 1920
Race Course 1909
Those are all still standing.
There was also:
Stock and Station agency
2 Butcher Shops
Chinese Store
Indian Store
Billiard room Saw Mill Bakery
Also a lot more houses than there are today.
One km west of the bore was what we called the divisor. This was Boomi’s bathroom & ½ km. further on is the Flooming where the bore drain was troughed across a hollow. This was the bathroom for the old or handicapped as it was easy to get in & out of.
My Recollections
Harry Adams.