• <div class='slider_caption'>		 <h1>Hot Artesian Pool</h1> 			<a class='slider-readmore' href='http://boomi.nsw.au/artesian-spa/'>Artesian water comes from deep underground and is rich in minerals, the water can be up to 2 million years old. It has long been known in many cultures that the water has healing and restorative powers</a>
  • <div class='slider_caption'>		 <h1>Prime Agricultural Farmland</h1>			<a class='slider-readmore' href='http://boomi.nsw.au/history/'>The feature of the area is its flatness, referred to as the </a>
  • <div class='slider_caption'>		 <h1>Boomi Amateur Thespian Society</h1> 			<a class='slider-readmore' href='http://boomi.nsw.au/bats/'>is an entire community event held almost every August since 1991.</a>
  • <div class='slider_caption'>		 <h1>Steeped in History</h1> 			<a class='slider-readmore' href='http://boomi.nsw.au/history/'>The oldest building around Boomi is the slaughter house 1897 era.</a>
  • <div class='slider_caption'>		 <h1>Boomi Community Co-operative</h1> 			<a class='slider-readmore' href='http://boomi.nsw.au/bcc/'>Coffee, light meals, sandwiches, fresh fruit & vegetables, grocery items & newspapers.</a>
  • <div class='slider_caption'>		 <h1>Rivers and Lagoons</h1> 			<a class='slider-readmore' href='http://boomi.nsw.au/history/'>Rivers and tributaries play important roles in the layout of the Boomi area. </a>

Boomi - There's no better place to be...

Boomi is a district reliant on primary production…... sheep, cattle, dryland farming and irrigation, are it’s backbone.
Our community boasts many energetic groups, who together with the generous support and help of our local people, provide a wide variety of essential and fun organisations! We would love for you to visit us, meet some locals and stay a while!

All About Boomi!

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Activities & Interests

There are five all weather courts adjacent to the Artesian Pools. We always have one net set up to openly encourage anyone to have a hit anytime!!

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Boomi Amateur Thespian Society performs four performances a year that runs over two consecutive weekends with guests travelling from throughout the district and beyond to attend.

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There is caravan & camping available adjacent to the pool complex.This is community owned, with a not for profit shop, that has everything you could need while you stay at Boomi.

Latest News!

Co-Op goes solar

The big day has arrived! 14KW solar array commissioned for our shop today on May 6th 2015.
We are attempting to lower one of our biggest costs (power) with this bold step into the future of …

Special Deal Caravan Park and Pool

All ThisYear: Stay 3 nights and get the fourth night free at the Van Park
For All This Winter: Stay at the Van Park for 6 nights and you get the seventh night free entry to the park and …

Muddy madness at Boomi

Boomi Mud Trial Committee member Peter Vukovich Snr said the day was great all round.
About 400 people lined the grandstand and fences to watch the standards, buggies and modifieds churn, power and occasionally tow their way through the …

What people are saying!

  • Great place to visit, everyone is so friendly and welcoming! Jeff Mens

  • The Hot Artesian Spa was amazing. The water was really warm, relaxing and energising at the same time. Terry Simons

  • Great food at the little shop. Chips were the best, as well as the strawberry milkshakes. We stayed the whole day. Vin Fraser

  • Heaps to do for such a small place. Was a welcome surprise. Great customer service at the shop too. Paula W

  • We can for a few days in our van, then left three months later! Greame Mitchell